About RMB Products

For decades, we have provided engineered solutions to solve our clients’ most challenging problems.

Today we specialize in custom manufacturing and engineered polymers for aerospace, corrosion protection, and high purity applications. We use the processes of rotational molding, rotational lining, and additive manufacturing to create custom solutions for critical applications and those required tight specifications.

What Makes
Us Different

Our proprietary resins and years of production process knowledge have positioned us to produce durable, high quality thermoplastic parts for the aerospace industry, high purity applications, and corrosion protection.

No project is the same, and we work with our clients to provide custom solutions for their specific needs. Clients gain additional value by utilizing our fabrication, machining, testing, assembly, painting, and shipping services.

The Beginning

RMB Products was founded in 1963 by William Gardiner in Simi Valley, California. During the 1960’s and 70’s, the company’s product line consisted of the patented Free Drop Top Waste Receptacle, which was an innovative rotationally lined plastic container in an industry previously dominated by metal.


After years of hard competition against the big names in waste receptacles, Gardiner decided it was time to use the rotational molding technology in new markets. In 1980, the company diversified into processing fluoropolymers, and in conjunction with DuPont, perfected the techniques necessary to rotationally mold Teflon PFA. With this ability, we began to provide high purity process vessels to the Semiconductor industry and still do today.


In 1986, we were approached by a client in the aerospace market to develop a polyamide foam for use in aircraft interiors. Although this material is no longer used at RMB, this project led to the opportunity to participate in a cost reduction program for the Apache helicopter. The project involved rotationally molding a high-temperature air duct with tight tolerances to replace a complex welded aluminum assembly. During this project, we developed the techniques necessary to process a high-temperature thermoplastic. Since this project, we have created hundreds of thousands of parts for both the defense and commercial industry.

Rotational Lining

We have been rotationally lining fittings and pipes since the 1980’s. During extensive molding trials, RMB developed a lining process that bonded a polymer to a metallic substrate. This discovery led to what we now refer to as rotational lining. The owners of RMB began marketing this application to solve corrosion issues in pipelines and other equipment, due to the thick, seamless liner and mechanical bond that forms.

Since 2013, we have partnered with Aegion/United Pipeline to provide lined fittings, manifolds, and shorter spool lengths using rotationally lined HDPE. Our liners supplement the United Pipeline/Aegion Titeliner® system, which is the only fully lined polyethylene lined pipe system in the oil and gas industry. Any project under this partnership is managed to meet customer deadlines and the lined equipment is specially designed to mate together seamlessly during installation.

In 2018, RMB began providing RMB Bio-Armor™ lining services for corrosion protection in applications that are at risk of microbiologically-influenced corrosion (MIC). This service is well suited for brine and saltwater applications.


In 1993, the owners moved RMB from California to Fountain, Colorado. The new facility in Fountain was already built for manufacturing purposes and allowed for future company growth. Today, our facility has expanded to four buildings, which consist of a total of 94,000 square feet.

Additive Manufacturing

On Demand Manufacturing was started by Boeing in 2001 to produce flight hardware using a selective laser sintering process. With this subsidiary, Boeing created the first defense specification for additive manufacturing machines and materials. In 2005, Boeing leadership wanted to sell On Demand Manufacturing to a supplier in good standing that also used polymer-based products. RMB Products was chosen as that company. On Demand Manufacturing was acquired that year and integrated into the RMB facility in Colorado.


MCM Capital Partners purchased RMB Products in 2010 from the Gardiner family. In subsequent years, they have committed significant investment to the continued growth and improvement of the company.


Using the same high purity processes as we do in semiconductor production, our team created a sample biopharmaceutical bottle for display during a trade show in 2014. A leader at a well-known biopharmaceutical supply company noticed the bottle and months later, a partnership was formed to create a rigid freeze-thaw container to transport and store liquid vaccination drugs. This product is single-use to prevent contamination and can be recycled after use. To produce these containers, we expanded our ISO Class 7 cleanroom to include a Persico Leonardo Smart rotational molding machine. Through this partnership, we have co-designed and developed 5 variations of this container and continue to manufacture them today.

  • 1963

    RMB Products was founded

  • 1980

    Perfected techniques for rotationally molded Teflon PFA

  • 1983

    A 55 gallon Teflon shipping container was developed for high purity hazardous chemical transport

  • 1985

    Added compounding and cryogrinding of resins to company capabilities

  • 1986

    Polyamide foam was created for the aerospace market

  • 1992

    Sold the Free Drop Top Waste Receptacle proprietary design and trademarked name

  • 1993

    RMB Products moved to Fountain, Colorado

  • 1994

    Warehouse was built for the facility

  • 2005

    On Demand Manufacturing was purchased from Boeing and additive manufacturing was incorporated into RMB Products’ capabilities

  • 2010

    RMB Products was purchased by MCM Capital

  • 2013

    ISO Class 7 Clean Room was added to the facility

  • 2016

    ISO Class 7 Clean Room was expanded and RMB began production on high purity products for the biopharmaceutical market

  • 2017

    Patent approved for CryoVault™ system

  • 2018

    Received AS9100:2016 certification; RMB BIO-ARMOR™ was trademarked

  • 2019

    Facility expanded to include bake off oven and paint booth capabilities; Qualified to the BAC5692 specification for commercial laser sintering