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Eliminating the failure modes of coatings in brine pipeline applications

It is not uncommon for epoxy-coated fittings to fail within 1 year of service in brine pipeline applications. Average service life is likely 5 to 7 years. What if there was a way to increase service life to 20 years or longer? ... Read more

Why use rotational lining?

Rotational lining is a process where a liner is applied via a rotational molding process. However, a pipe, vessel, header, pump, etc acts as the mold, and the liner is fully bonded to the metal substrate creating a fully bonded seamless liner. ... Read more

Additive Manufacturing vs 3D Printing

Read any scientific journal or visit any local trade show, and it will be almost impossible not to see something about “3D Printing”. It is the hot topic when it comes to “what’s new in the world of manufacturing.” Along with the buzz, comes... Read more