Warehouse Grinding Clerk

Position Title: Warehouse Grinding Clerk

Department: Warehouse

Reports to: Warehouse Supervisor

Position Summary

This position requires attention to detail and extreme organizational practices due to the intricate processes that must be followed. This position also requires overtime. The pay scale for the warehouse shipping clerk starts at $18/hr and increases with experience, performance, and certifications.

Essential Position Functions and Responsibilities

This position includes (but is not limited to) the following essential functions:

  • Perform mill work, which includes cleaning, breaking down/putting together, pressure washing pipes, monitoring plates and nitrogen
    • Communicate all needs for the mill to operate
    • Set all parameters for bagger sealer; ensure scale is balanced
    • Print labels and match to bags and contents
  • Perform compounder work, which includes monitoring powder, pellets, and amgard as well as reading documents; weigh scrap
  • Perform testing, including sieve tests, moisture tests, and melt flow tests
    • Save and retain each sample
    • Provide sample to and communicate with Quality Engineer
  • Maintain forklifts
  • Operate fork truck and overhead crane; load/unload truck and freight
  • Provide customer service to customers and shipping companies
  • Operate and maintain Henchel
  • Assemble and weigh material to be mixed
  • Operate clicker press die
  • Take responsibility for inventory and count

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Successful experience working in a fast-paced environment while maintaining attention to detail
  • Forklift and/or overhead crane certification is strongly preferred
  • Operate shipping, computer, and other general warehouse/office equipment
  • Six months of warehouse, logistics, and customer service experience preferred
  • Collaborate with RMB’s departments for shipping deadlines and priorities
  • Maintain a strong sense of time organization and urgency
  • Knowledge of MS Excel
  • Maintain inventory of shipping essentials
  • Ensure adherence to environmental management and systems
  • Requires a flexible and cooperative attitude, including when asked to perform other duties or tasks that are not listed within this job description but are within the scope of this position
  • Requires communication skills both written and oral in the English language
  • Requires excellent safety practices, which includes keeping a clean work area
  • Possess interpersonal skills, which are vital to maintaining an organized warehouse
  • Effectively process changes through RMB feedback and reviews
  • Requires personal responsibility and accountability to meet workmanship standards with little supervision to complete assignments
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all projects, customers, and RMB

Physical Requirements and Hazards

The employee will be required to:

  • Stand while working with machinery
  • Sit during computer work
  • Make repetitive movements during sorting and packing
  • Load and unload trucks using a forklift
  • Lift no more than 50 pounds alone and assist in team lifts of more than 50 pounds


RMB Products enforces all safety regulations. The employee is expected to follow all safety precautions. While being employed by RMB Products, the employee may be exposed to burns, cuts, and tripping.

The employee may be required to use personal protective equipment.

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