Design Process

We are focused on providing custom solutions for our clients, and that begins with our design process. We integrate customer requirements into every step of our design and manufacturing processes. Our on-staff design engineers complete a design for manufacturability analysis for every product that goes through our facility. These engineers utilize development processes capable of handling a range of activities from contract manufacturing all the way to complex “white paper” subsystem design and qualification. 

We use the following categories of programs and processes to design the best solution for your application:


  • System modeling & CAD design
  • In-house mold and fixture design
  • Full program management
  • Design for manufacturability process
  • Design of experiments to better understand design intent

Manufacturing Process

  • CAM (computer aided manufacturing) development
  • Value add processes
  • Design for manufacturability process
  • In-house tooling fabrication
  • Lean manufacturing principles


  • AS9100 and the ISO9001 certified change controls
  • SPC (statistical process control) data
  • Process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA)
  • Six Sigma process improvements

Product Design Process

Step 1

Prework and Advanced Project Planning

  • Risk management and assessment
  • Advanced product quality planning

Step 2

Milestone Planning

  • Project management plan
  • Milestones and risk evaluations

Step 3

Concept Development

  • Identify key characteristics
  • Perform Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Step 4

Detail Development

  • Tolerance analysis
  • Inspection strategy and quality control plan
  • Test requirements
  • Design for manufacture review (CDR)
  • Failure model and effect analysis
  • Systems modeling and CAD design

Step 5

Process Pilot and Verification

  • First article
  • Ramp up (complete 3 production runs)
  • Process testing and refinement
  • Production approval

Step 6

Parts into Production

  • Continuous improvement
  • Product Readiness Review (PRR)
  • Full production

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