Facility and Equipment

Our 94,000 SF headquarters is located in Fountain, Colorado. This facility houses our rotational liningrotational moldingadditive manufacturing, ISO Class 7 cleanroom, and quality control operations. Our facility consists of four buildings, which are the main manufacturing facility and office, a warehouse, a surface preparation building, and a painting/bake-off oven building. Within these buildings, we have a robust grouping of specialized equipment.

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Main Production Equipment

Our main capabilities are rotational molding, rotational lining, and additive manufacturing. We use the following equipment to provide custom solutions:

  • Six Integra selective laser sintering machines (15″ x 12″ x 18″)
  • Two 3-D Systems selective laser sintering machines (15″ x 12″ x 18″)
  • Ferry 430 rotational lining oven
  • Ferry 640 rotational lining oven
  • Ferry 250HD rotational lining oven
  • Four Ferry 190, 2200, 2200 & 2600 rotational molding ovens
  • Leonardo Smart rotational molding oven
Hot-gas plastic welding


Our welders use the following equipment to perform metal fabrication, hot-gas plastic welding, and fusion welding services:

  • Hot gas welder for thermoplastics
  • TIG Dynasty 350
  • MIG Millermatic 3500
  • Marvel Amada band saw

Machining Center

These in-house capabilities allow our skilled machinists to create tooling and provide post molding and lining machining to meet your tight tolerances, deadlines, and requirements.

  • 4-axis CNC (33” x 30” x 33”)
  • Two 5-axis CMS routers (189” x 70.9” x 47.2”)
  • Five 3-axis CNC (81” x 41” x 32”)
  • Two CNC lathes (9” turning diameter x 14” long) (15.3” turning diameter x 19.1” long)
CryoGrinder 19-I

Materials Equipment

With this equipment, we have the capability to use a variety of challenging plastics, as well as change the mesh sizes to create custom particle sizes to fit your application needs.

  • Compounder
  • Extruder (45 mm)
  • Cryogenic grinder
  • Diosna mixer
  • Henschel mixer

Materials Research & Development Lab

We use the equipment listed below to formulate high quality resins for your specific applications.

  • Particle Size Analyzer
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • Thermal Mechanical Analyzer
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Perkin-Elmer Ad-6 Autobalance
  • Veritas Precision Balance
  • Olympus BX51 Microscope with Sony Digital Camera
  • Microscope with Nikon DMX2100 Digital Camera
  • Infrared Spectrometer
  • Leitz 2523 Microtome
  • Tinius Olsen MP600 Extrusion Plastometer
  • Hosakawa Micron
  • Powder Tester Model PT-N with AAND Scale GF-2000
  • H&C Moisture Balance
  • Keithly Instruments 610C Eloctrometer
  • Varian 959D Dry Leak Detector
  • Tinius Olsen Testing Machine
  • Aminco Smoke Density Chamber D2-77009
  • Instron 3369 Universal Testing Machine

Prep and Post-Production

To provide you with turnkey solutions we utilize the following:

  • ISO Class 7 clean room: Our clean room allows no more than 10,000 particles of size 0.5 micron or larger per cubic foot of air. There are also separate areas for the segregation of particle-generating and non-particle-generating processes.
  • Paint booth (16′ wide x 30′ deep)
  • High temperature standalone bake off oven (13’ wide x 25’ deep)
  • Four sandblast hoods
  • Anneal bath
  • Anneal ovens
  • Material dryers
Paint booth for rotational molded products
Faro Arm Transparent


Our quality department uses many methods to uphold customer standards. Some of these tests require equipment such as: 

  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) (1000 mm c 1500 mm x 800 mm)
  • Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM)
  • Instron tensile testing

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