April 15, 2013

RMB Products’ New Class 10,000 Cleanroom Enhances Clean Assembly Capabilities Benefitting Semiconductor and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers


FOUNTAIN, Colorado (April 15, 2013) — Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries can now source high-purity thermoplastic components and vessels cleaned, assembled and packaged in a Class 10,000 cleanroom from RMB Products. Conducting all final assembly in an extremely clean, controlled environment helps RMB Products meet its customers’ exacting needs for wet processing equipment and components, air handling systems, chemical containment and mixing vessels.

A cleanroom controls air quality and the level of particulates that are present during the manufacture of high-purity products. Cleanrooms are classified by the number and size of particles suspended in their environment. A Class 10,000 cleanroom allows no more than 10,000 particles of size 0.5 micron or larger per cubic foot of air. By improving its clean assembly capabilities to Class 10,000, RMB Products is expanding its commitment to its semiconductor and biopharmaceutical customers.

The construction, use and management of the cleanroom facility minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room. The cleanroom includes appropriate heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that maintain correct pressurization, temperature, humidity and air flow throughout the room. The facility also includes a deionized (DI) water loop, which ensures that RMB Products’ cleaning process maintains product integrity. The cleanroom provides separate areas for the segregation of particle-generating and non-particle-generating processes.

According to Alex Llamas, vice president of the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical divisions of RMB Products, the new cleanroom facility meets—and in many cases exceeds—customer preferences for components produced for these demanding industries. “OEMs requiring high-purity components prefer doing business with suppliers whose operations are as clean as possible,” says Llamas. “Many of our core customers have Class 100,000 cleanrooms, so we can provide products that exceed their cleaning capability. We can also work with local partners to provide additional cleaning as needed. This cleanliness level is specifically difficult to achieve when welding or processing fluoropolymer plastics such as PFA.”

This investment in its manufacturing facility strengthens RMB Products’ value proposition of providing innovative solutions to help companies in demanding industries lower capital cost and operating expenses.

“A key differentiator for RMB Products is our support of the entire product lifecycle,” says chief executive officer Craig Jack. “Offering a full range of vertically integrated manufacturing services under one roof lets us help our customers lower costs while maintaining or surpassing quality and performance expectations.” Jack continues, “Our enhanced cleanroom capability is one more way we add quality to the services we provide.”

The new cleanroom is slated to be fully operational by April 15th, 2013.

About RMB Products
RMB Products is a leading supplier of engineered polymer products for critical applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. The company measures its success on its ability to help customers lower capital cost and operating expenses through innovative manufacturing processes and high-performance polymer materials. For more information, visit rmbproducts.com.

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