May 29, 2015

RMB Products Rolls Out State-of-the-Art Laser Sintering Equipment to Optimize Manufacturing Capabilities for the Aerospace Industry

FOUNTAIN, Colorado (May 29, 2015) – Today RMB Products, a leading supplier of engineered polymer products for critical applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries, announced the roll out of new state-of-the-art laser sintering technology that will extend the company’s service capabilities and shorten manufacturing lead times for aerospace customers.

According to Chris Glock, vice president of the aerospace division at RMB Products, the equipment upgrade takes advantage of the latest technology the industry has to offer. “Many aerospace parts must be manufactured to meet exacting standards. Our new equipment provides more accurate scanning, which lets us manufacture to tighter dimensional tolerances at higher throughput rates. Our aerospace customers benefit from our increased ability to manufacture parts where dimensional accuracy is critical—and with improved product lead times.”

EOS Integra performed the equipment upgrade, utilizing XSTREAM Digital and XSTREAM BDS technologies. XSTREAM DIGITAL is a high-performance, all-digital integrated scanning system that provides a fast scan speed (an increase from 200 inches/second to 500 inches/second in linear scan rate) and reduces build time, which helps RMB Products better meet tight customer product delivery dates. XSTREAM BDS combines the latest hardware and software to provide the most consistent data delivery to the scanning system.

The equipment upgrade includes a Stable Temp IR sensor that utilizes a nitrogen purge, which greatly reduces temperature drift throughout the laser sintering build cycle to produce more consistent parts with better mechanical properties.

Quartz heaters provide nine individual software-controlled zones, enabling RMB Products to optimize the thermal profile across the laser sintering powder bed. Uniform heating provides uniform mechanical properties throughout the build envelope.

Completely digital closed-loop components with dynamic feedback provide more reliable and precise operation, with more repeatable results. This feature also eliminates the obsolescence inherent in aging analog systems.

“Laser sintering is ideally suited for producing thermoplastic parts that are thin-walled, lightweight and geometrically complex—factors important to aerospace manufacturers. This new laser sintering equipment positions RMB Products to better serve our existing aerospace customers as well as to continue to grow our business,” says Glock.

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RMB Products is a leading supplier of engineered polymer products for critical applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. The company measures its success on its ability to help customers lower capital cost and operating expenses through innovative manufacturing processes and high-performance polymer materials. For more information, visit

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