July 9, 2015

RMB Products and United Pipeline Systems Team Up to Deliver HDPE Lined Pipe for Multimillion-Dollar Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Facility Upgrade

FOUNTAIN, Colorado (July 9, 2015) – Today RMB Products, a leading supplier of engineered polymer products for critical applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries, announced its partnership with United Pipeline Systems, a division of Aegion Corporation, to supply high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lined pipe for the Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) facility in Tuzandepetl, Mexico.

According to Michael Baraky, sales manager of the chemical processing division at RMB Products, the multimillion-dollar Tuzandepetl upgrade is the first major project for RMB Products and United Pipeline Systems after forming the partnership. “RMB Products and United Pipeline Systems created the partnership to better serve customers by providing complementary HDPE solutions, including our custom rotational lining capabilities and their Tite Liner® system.”

RMB Products is a pioneer in rotational lining technology and has developed specialized materials and technologies to bond a uniform, seamless polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure regardless of shape or geometric complexity. United Pipeline Systems’ Tite Liner® technology enables an HDPE liner to fit tightly inside a host pipe and is particularly beneficial for lining long stretches of straight or nearly straight pipe. Both companies’ technologies provide an efficient and cost-effective way to protect new or existing pipelines from a variety of chemicals and abrasives, extending the service life of pipeline equipment in corrosive environments.

The Tuzandepetl project was an infrastructure upgrade for handling brine and process water, which can be highly corrosive to steel piping, throughout the facility. Fabrication of the steel pipe was provided by a local vendor in Mexico. United Pipeline Systems and RMB Products coordinated shipping the pipe between Mexico and Colorado to complete the rotational lining process. RMB Products rotationally lined nearly 400 pieces, averaging 30 to 40 parts per week at the height of the project. Diameters of the rotationally lined pipe ranged from 4 inches to 36 inches, with lengths up to 20 feet.

“Working together with United Pipeline Systems to provide industry-proven, complementary HDPE solutions has clearly benefitted Pemex. Our continuing partnership with United Pipeline Systems will help us more efficiently serve customers as well as continue to grow our respective businesses,” says Baraky.

About Petróleos Mexicanos
Incorporated in 1938, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company. Pemex is the largest company in Mexico and the highest fiscal contributor to the country. Headquartered in Mexico City with operations throughout Mexico, the integrated company engages in the exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and gas and derivative petrochemicals. For more information, visit pemex.com.

About United Pipeline Systems
United Pipeline Systems is a division of Aegion Corporation and a global leader in providing HDPE lining systems for internal pipeline protection. United has constructed and internally lined more than 8,000 miles of pipelines on six continents since 1985. United developed the Tite Liner® system, which protects steel pipelines from a variety of chemicals and abrasives through a broad range of temperatures and pressures. For more information, visit unitedpipeline.com.

About RMB Products
RMB Products is a leading supplier of engineered polymer products for critical applications in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. The company measures its success on its ability to help customers lower capital cost and operating expenses through innovative manufacturing processes and high-performance polymer materials. For more information, visit rmbproducts.com.

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Michael Baraky
Sales Manager, Chemical Processing
(719) 433-7241