Ryan Lengerich Promoted to Chief Operating Officer

RMB Products is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan Lengerich to Chief Operating Officer. Ryan joined RMB in 2016 as Director of Operations, and has since been incorporating Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing into the operations of the entire company. Using this manufacturing method, RMB has seen positive results in the culture, processes, and overall production efficiency.

Ryan’s expertise in operations management, Lean Six Sigma manufacturing methods, and industry experience in aerospace, defense, industrial, and the oil and gas markets has positioned him well for this new role. He is a strong believer in the philosophy of “if you help employees grow, they will want to grow with you”, and has shown this by increasing the higher education tuition reimbursement, establishing continuous improvement training, and personally mentoring employees.

Ryan’s goals are in line with the overall goals of RMB, which are to position the company as one of the key players in the industry with innovative technology, materials, and solutions for clients.