Resin Molding Overview

Custom Resin Molding for Demanding Industries

The extruder provides the ability to eliminate metal ions, introduces UV inhibitors, combine fire-retardant additives, modify physical properties or introduce specific color to a custom polymerRMB Products is a long-established leader in custom resin formulations for highly specialized applications. We process our thermoplastics in-house to ensure quality and consistency while eliminating contaminants that can cause needless waste.

Our in-house resin compounding, custom blending and grinding of polymers started out of necessity: The materials we needed did not exist, so we invented them. We continue to produce the materials we use because we have not found a substitute for the quality, purity, and consistency or our raw materials.

Whether you need a flight-ready resin that meets Federal Aviation Regulations or a rotationally moldable inert thermoplastic liner, our custom resin engineers will help you select the appropriate thermoplastic base material for your specific application.

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Custom Formulation

Custom resin moldingRMB Products’ custom resin molding formulation and compounding capabilities distinguish us from other plastics companies. We are pioneers in developing rotationally moldable resins, and our accumulated resins expertise continues to benefit our customers. Our in-house capabilities ensure that we manufacture with materials formulated to control for quality, consistency, repeatability and purity.

Meeting Your Precise Specifications
Our custom formulation capabilities provide the flexibility to manufacture to your specifications. Whether you need a certain color or you need to remove the slightest traces of metal ions, we can formulate a resin to meet your specifications.

Ensuring Quality Through Our Lab
Formulating resins in-house means the same quality standards you expect from our manufacturing process have gone into the production and inspection of your basic resin—and we provide a laboratory to prove it. Our extensive polymer characterization laboratory assures we have built the compounds we have designed to yield the predicted attributes.

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Processing and Materials Compatibility

Note: Nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 610 are available. These resins increase the typical temperature envelope and may have flame retardant added. Mechanical properties are changed with the introduction of additives.

Lining Laser
Molding Principal
PFA x   x Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor High-purity vessels and components Operating temperature of 260°C/500°F to -268°C/-45°F

High purity and chemical resistance

Storage vessel for cryogenic freezing
ETFE x     Chemical Processing Lining, molding Operating temperature of 150°C/302°F

High chemical resistance (2nd to PFA)
ECTFE x         Substrate requires preparation
PVDF x   x Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Aerospace   Operating temperature of 150°C/302°F

Good chemical resistance

Stiffer and less expensive than PFA
NYLON 12            
RMB 1722P     x   Structural applications Low moisture absorption

High chemical resistance

High impact resistance
RMB 423     x   Structural applications Low moisture absorption

High chemical resistance

High impact resistance
RMB 421C     x Military, Food Processing Air ducting, non-contact tanks Low moisture absorption

High impact resistance
RMB 435     x Aerospace Air ducting Brominated fire retardant

High impact resistance
RMB 437     x Aerospace Air ducting Non-brominated flame retardant

Replaces RMB435 in 2013
RMB 421E2 x          
RMB 9103     x     Non-brominated, non-phosphorus fire retardant
NYLON 11   x x      
NYLON 612            
RMB 472     x     Higher temperature range than nylon 11/12
HDPE x   x Oil & Gas, Wastewater   Specific lining grades
LLDPE     x      
POLYPROPYLENE     x     Higher temperature range vs. PE

Less elastic

Requires primer for lining applications
ACETAL (CELCON)     x     Good chemical resistance to fuels

Less elastic

Material Data Sheets

RMB Custom Resin 283 RMB Custom Resin 421C RMB Custom Resin 421 /msds
RMB Custom Resin 423 RMB Custom Resin 423 MSDS RMB Custom Resin 435
RMB Custom Resin 435 MSDS RMB Custom Resin 437 RMB Custom Resin 437 MSDS
RMB Custom Resin 472 RMB Custom Resin 472 MSDS RMB Custom Resin 1722 P
RMB Custom Resin 1722P MSDS