Liner Application Method Selection Checklist: Rotational LiningLiner Application Method Selection Checklist for Rotational Lining

No matter if your part is used in oil and gas, mining or chemical processing, the lining material you choose for process equipment and piping is vital to the integrity of the entire operation. Lost productivity and downtime due to failed liners and leaks causes needless downtime and interruptions to plant output. RMB Products' "Product Spotlight: Rotational Lining" helps engineers understand the advantages of Rotational Lining and the ways other technologies fall behind.

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The Checklist covers a variety of key decision factors in matching the right liner for any application:

  • Lining thickness
  • Adhesive requirements
  • Mechanical bonding preparation techniques
  • Minimizing seams
  • Handling hard-to-reach pipes, vessels, tanks and other applications