Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality-control system to support tight manufacturing

Quality assurance both a part of our infrastructure and a part of our culture, which means that each product you receive will always meet your dimensional and performance specifications. That’s why our customers trust us to manufacture high-performance products for their most demanding applications. Our certification, inspection and auditing methods ensure that our products meet the highest standards:

  • AS9100 Revision C—Certified conformance for processes and products used in aerospace (Note: RMB Products formulated and received certification for the first flight-qualified nylon 12 polymer)
  • ISO 9001:2008—An evaluation and certification of processes, analytical tools and response mechanisms for all aspects of the business and manufacturing activity
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)—Certified as compliant as an organization with ASME-certified welders performing the work

Quality Assurance Capabilities

• White light scanner – Digitally compares the dimensions of a finished product against its computer model

• Ultrasonic/magnetic thickness gauges – Ensures the appropriate thickness of plastic and plastic lining throughout the entire product.

• Ohm and spark tests – confirms the appropriate thickness of interior linings


Product Testing Laboratory

RMB Products has one of the most extensive product testing laboratories in the industry. Testing capabilities include:

• Mechanical (tensile, flexural, impact, elongation)
• Thermal (Vicat Softening, DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA)
• Chemical (compatability and environmental testing)
• Rheological (melt flow)
• Morphological (FTIR)
• Flammability (advanced vertical burn, Optical Smoke Density)
• Electrical (Volume and Surface Resistivity)
• Physical (Particle Size Distribution, Specific Gravity, Moisture Content Analysis)