Manufacturing research and development.

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Innovative custom solutions for your specific needs

Our obsession with finding the next big thing in engineering and our commitment to innovation has established RMB Products as one of the top pioneers in the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. Of our many contributions to engineering, we’re most proud of:

  • The first rotationally moldable nylon approved for the aerospace industry.
  • Our extensive array of custom fire retardant, anti microbial materials.
  • Inventing the best process for bonding Tefzel ETFE to metal substrates without adhesive or mesh.
  • RMB Products made some of the very first plastic additive-manufactured (3D Printed) parts for airplanes.
  • Our unique processes and equipment help us line the largest pipefittings, tanks and vessels on the planet (or off).

Our analysis equipment is among the most advanced on the planet:

• Mechanical (tensile, flexural, impact, elongation)
• Thermal (Vicat Softening, DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA)
• Chemical (compatability and environmental testing)
• Rheological (melt flow)
• Morphological (FTIR)
• Flammability (advanced vertical burn, Optical Smoke Density)
• Electrical (Volume and Surface Resistivity)
• Physical (Particle Size Distribution, Specific Gravity, Moisture Content Analysis)