Vertically integrated manufacturing.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Vertically integrated service for engineering/design and manufacturing

Design and engineering

We employ a stage-gate project management system that keeps key milestones and deliverables in focus. Our design and engineering team can work independently or partner with your engineers to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs.


Our facility is filled with some of the most advanced and precision metal fabrication equipment available:

• 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machining
• Multiaxis CNC turning
• Multiaxis electronic discharge machining
• Multiaxis CNC welding

Technical Welding

We're American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified welders performing all welding and joining work. We also perform robotics welding and hot-gas plastic welding.

Custom Finishing

We have the secondary processes and finishing capabilities available to deliver a product you can take out of the box and install. Finishing capabilities include:

• Painting
• Secondary trimming and assembly
• Custom welding and fabrication of plastics and metals
• Addition of insulation, fittings, brackets and accessories