Aerospace Benefits

Rotational Molding and Laser Sintering for Aerospace Ducting

(Left) 13-piece composite duct assembly; (right) 1-piece laser-sintered ductRotational Molding and Laser Sintering RMB Products utilizes its expertise in rotational molding and laser sintering technologies to provide durable and effective commercial aircraft services:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Product Quality
  • Vendor-managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Durability/Weight
  • Design Flexibility/Part Count Reduction
  • Product design Engineering

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Aerospace Benefits

  • Cost reduction—Rotational molding and laser sintering alternatives to aerospace ducting can reduce costs by up to 75% compared with composite layups or formed and welded aluminum parts.
  • Product quality—We have the engineering resources necessary for successful material management, design and capability performance of flight-qualified ducting products. Our organization has more than 40 years of continuous Commercial and Military Aircraft services in component design and part production for the aerospace industry.
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)—We utilize customers’ electronic pull inventory management systems to maintain ontime delivery to meet aerospace customers’ highest service-level requirements.
  • Durability/weight—The ductility of nylon 12 rotationally molded parts provides a high impact–resistant alternative to legacy metallic and composite materials. For aerospace ducting applications requiring a fire-retardant product, RMB Products offers materials that are compliant to the 12- and 60-second vertical burn requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 25.853 (RMB 435) and FAR 29.853 (RMB 437). Material datasheets are available for all grades of our rotational molding materials.
  • Design flexibility/part count reduction—Our ability to accommodate complex geometries and integrate external and internal features reduces ducting assembly times, resulting in lower cost.
  • Product design engineering—Our expert team of engineers takes customer aerospace ducting product designs and adapts them to the rotational molding process.

Expected Cost Savings for Rotationally Molded Nylon 12 F/A-18

Expected cost-savings for rotationally molded nylon 12 F/A-18 electrical conduit

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