Tier 1 Aerospace Supplier Saves 45% on Ducting Conversion

Creating the Molds

RMB recently converted a series of aluminum and composite ECS ducts into rotationally molded Nylon 12-based pieces. This conversion from composite and aluminum materials has resulted in an overall savings of 35-45% per part for RMB’s clients, both of which are Tier 1 aerospace suppliers.

This ducting was manufactured with RMB’s proprietary resin, RMB 437, using a process called rotational molding. This resin is listed on the Boeing material specification BMS 8-270 and meets the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853.

  • Duct Example (Design Concept)

These new ducts mimic the exact geometries and functionality of the existing parts, including spuds, diameter variations, and lengths of over 40”. Fabricating the ducts from nylon resin creates a more durable part.

Rotational molding is a less labor-intensive process than creating composite ducting, which becomes a significant cost savings for the client and end user.

From order to delivery, the entire conversion process took 4.5 months and was shipped earlier than the promise date. This process includes engineering, creating the tooling and mold, as well as first article completion testing and documentation. Going forward, RMB will be manufacturing 15 shipsets per month from these first article designs for these clients. The return on the tooling investment will be realized in less than a year.