Pharmaceutical mixing vessels.

Biopharmaceutical Applications

Pharmaceutical Mixing Vessels Prevent of Pitting Corrosion

Cryogenic freezing of biologic or protein intermediates is a critical part of the process in manufacturing biologic therapeutics and vaccines. Until now, there has not been a container engineered specifically for this purpose.

RMB containers are specifically engineered to provide the following benefits:

  • A more robust container, with no weld seams to fail when compared to bioprocess containers or bags.
  • A unique dimensional configuration to provide a uniform freeze front and a dramatically shortened freeze time compared to carboys.
  • A unique closed system design to reduce the risk of sterility failures
  • A unique design to fill and empty the container to minimize remnants.
  • The products can be manufactured in medical grade HDPE or Teflon PFA, and can be customized to your special requirements.

Lower Biofilm Risk Than Steel or Glass

  • Teflon® PFA containers offer excellent low biofilm and cell adherence characteristics
  • No protein binding


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Pitting/Rouging Prevention

Line stainless steel with Teflon PFA to eliminate stainless steel corrosion issues when used with high salt content solutions, ultra-pure WFI water and other common causes of pitting, rouging and corrosion.


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