Biopharmaceutical Benefits & Cryogenic Storage

Rotational Molding and Teflon® Lined Stainless Steel Vessels and Carboys

RMB Products’ rotationally molded and rotationally lined Teflon® bottles and products are ideal for biopharmaceutical applications due to their inert properties, chemical resistance and performance at extreme temperatures. Fluoroploymer—such as Teflon®—bottles and carboys represent the best choice when a reusable, high-purity and seamless inert material is required.

Biopharmaceutical Benefits

We utilize our expertise in the rotational molding and rotational lining of Teflon® and other fluoropolymer bottles and vessels to address the following areas:

  • Excellent product performance at cryogenic freeze temperatures of -70 degrees (symbol) C.
  • Low leachables and extractables—Addressed through the availability of fluoropolymer bottle choices such as Teflon® PFA; verified by third-party laboratories in post-production testing.
  • Lower tooling costs—Relative to other molding techniques.
  • Special accommodations—Complex design geometry, limited production requirements, seamless finished product, uniform wall thickness and more.
  • Elimination of corrosion pitting problems—Accommodates high chlorine content solutions used in tanks up to 5,000 liters.
  • Seamless tanks—No welds to fail and reduced potential for particulate entrapment.
  • Vacuum-capable bond—Unites metal substrates and plastic liners.