Chemical Processing Equipment & Applications

Extended Life Through Tank and Pipe Corrosion Protection

RMB Products increases the operational life of industrial infrastructure by reducing maintenance and long-term capital expense through corrosion and abrasion resistant lining in pipe, fittings and process equipment. We apply a uniform, seamless polymer lining to a variety of metal substrates. Lining materials include fluoropolymers such as Tefzel® ETFE, Kynar® PVDF, Teflon® PFA and Halar® ECTFE, as well as nylon and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Applications include

  • Rotolining tanks, scrubbers, pipe, fittings and other process equipment exposed to aggressive, corrosive chemicals such as
    • Acids (hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, nitric, sulfuric)
    • Caustics (sodium hydroxide)
    • Sulfides (hydrogen sulfide)
    • Halogens (chlorine, bromine)
  • Seawater corrosion protection coating
    • Desalination equipment
    • Moving seawater in oil and gas operations
    • Seawater intake
  • Linings to protect from mild abrasion and chemical corrosion
    • Pipe lining in mining application
    • Fracking water piping systems
  • Contract lining for processing equipment, including pumps, valves, flowmeters, and heat exchangers for OEMs
  • Plastic-lined filter housings

In the chemical processing equipment and oil and gas industries, RMB Products protects a wide range of companies from corrosion, including Dow U.S., Dow Canada, Shell U.S., LOOP, United Pipeline Systems, Albemarle Oil Company, A.R. Wilfley & Sons, Eaton, DuPont, PGI, BASF, PEMEX and Quimobasicos.

Abrasion resistant pipe.

Lining capabilities up to ten feet in diameter


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Corrosion protection equipment.

Seamless Lining of complex parts


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