Tank and Pipe Corrosion Protection Benefits

Polymer-lined tanks and pipes for corrosion protectionTeflon® and Other Polymer Lined Piping, Vessels and Process Equipment

Polymer linings (for objects such as Teflon® lined pipes) are often the best and cost effective alternative to other corrosion protection products. RMB Products' [rotational lining][1] provides superior life span by combining the structural integrity of traditional metals with the chemical resistance of high-performance polymers.

Chemical Processing Benefits

We utilize our expertise in rotolined polymer linings and Teflon® lined pipes to address the following areas:

  • Cost reduction—Our rotolined metal structures reduce total cost of ownership with the prevention of corrosion.
  • Lower capital costs—Realized through combining lower-cost metal structures with inert polymer liners instead of expensive metal alloys and alternative lining methods.
  • Shorter lead time—Compared to exotic metal alloys and alternative lining methods.
  • Reduced maintenance costs—Achieved through reduction in failure modes relative to alternative technologies such as fusion baked epoxy and glass lining.
  • Improved service life— Less susceptibility during installation and maintenance compared to glass lining; less maintenance and down time compared to sheet lining and coatings due to a thick, fully bonded and seamless liner.

Price Comparison Chart for Rotolining and Rotomolding vs other applications