Semiconductor manufacturing process.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Equipment

Custom Fluoropolymer Wet Process Equipment and Components

RMB Products specializes in manufacturing high-purity wet process equipment and components, vessels for chemical delivery systems, secondary containment vessels and air handling systems from highly inert thermoplastics.
We have the capability to manufacture custom semiconductor processing equipment and solutions. Alternatively, we can utilize our wide range of existing tooling to reduce your non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs and minimize lead times.

We manufacture subcomponents used in the processing of

  • Cleaning/etching of semiconductor integrated circuits even at elevated temperatures
  • Wafer polishing
  • Fluid handling
  • Systems handling hot gas with aggressive chemistry mixtures
  • Pressurized delivery of high-purity chemistry directly to the wet processing area
  • High temperature (e.g., sulfuric acid at 190°C) compatible components such as PFA tanks and pressure vessels
  • DOT/UN-approved vessels used in the transportation of high-purity, aggressive or volatile chemicals such as boron tribromide (BBr3) and phosphorus oxychloride (POCl3)

The thermoplastics we utilize include Teflon® PFA, Tefzel® ETFE, Kynar® PVDF, polypropylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Within the semiconductor industry, companies such as Lam Research, Semitool, FSI International, Fujifilm Europe and MEI turn to RMB Products for high-purity semiconductor wet process equipment and other products.


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