Semiconductor Benefits: Custom Engineering

Custom rotationally molded high purity plastic tanksHigh Purity Molded Plastic Tanks and Welded Assemblies

RMB Products’ custom rotational molded and welded assemblies are ideal for high purity molded plastic tanks and other applications due to their inert properties, low extractables and seamless construction. Choose RMB Products for custom engineering solutions to manufacture business results.

Semiconductor Benefits

We utilize our expertise in rotational molding and welded assembly to address the following areas:

  • Low leachables and extractables—Addressed through the availability of fluoropolymer containment tank choices such as Teflon® PFA; verified by third-party laboratories in post-production testing.
  • Rotomolded PFA chemical dispensing tanksSeamless tanks—No welds to fail and reduced potential for particulate entrapment in containment tanks and other vessels.
  • Lower tooling costs—Relative to other molding techniques.
  • Special accommodations—Complex design geometry, limited production requirements, seamless finished products, uniform wall thickness of containment tanks, and more.
  • Vacuum-capable bond—Unites metal substrates and plastic liners.
  • Parts with lower residual stress—Provides more dimensional stability, less crack propensity and a higher temperature ceiling.

Our PFA high purity molded plastic tanks are certified by an independent laboratory to Semiconductor and Equipment Materials International (SEMI) F57 standards.

Welded assembly Quick dump rinse
Fluid handling. Quick dump rinse

PFA bowl assembly
PFA bowl assembly. PFA tanks