Our Solutions

We provide industry solutions for aerospace, corrosion protection, and high purity applications.

A worker attaching a mold for manufacturing thermoplastic interior components


We are experts at manufacturing thermoplastic interior components with complex shapes and geometries suited to ECS ducting, tanks, drip pans, and other applications. Our solutions reduce cost, weight, and downtime for our customers. We have been producing aerospace components for the commercial and defense industry for over 45 years, using rotational molding and additive manufacturing processes.

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We help your company increase uptime by providing corrosion and abrasion-resistant liners for pipes, pipe fittings, vessels, and other industrial process equipment. We utilize rotational lining using a variety of engineered thermoplastic resins to create a long-lasting seamless liner inside vessels with complex shapes and geometries, large diameters, and lengths up to 20’.

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A multi flange pipe getting corrosion and abrasion-resistant liners
A worker welding a dosing bottle with durable high-purity thermoplastic materials


We manufacture plastic containers and fluid handling systems for your high purity applications using the rotational molding process. We use durable high-purity thermoplastic materials to create long-lasting products that prevent leaking and contamination issues.

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