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High-Purity/Semiconductor  Plastics

We manufacture plastic containers and fluid handling systems for your high-purity/semiconductor applications using the rotational molding process. We use durable high-purity thermoplastic materials to create long-lasting products that prevent leaking and contamination.

We pride ourselves on offering custom solutions. Request a meeting with an engineering expert to discuss your custom solution.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rotationally Molded High-Purity/Semiconductor Applications:

Advantages of High-Purity Applications Disadvantages of High-Purity Applications
Containers are produced without seams, which prevents leakage of product or hazardous materials The process is subject to initial investment for tooling
The high purity materials we use have low leachables and extractables and are resistant to pitting, rouging, corrosion, and abrasion Rotational molding may have a higher production cost than some alternative processes
Unique, complex shapes can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and materials Mold modifications are required if the design is changed
Our high purity materials have low biofilm and cell adherence characteristics and no protein binding
Standard product sizes, combined with custom tooling, allows for scalable solutions
Can adhere to tight tolerances and specifications
Materials used are dimensionally stable, have a low crack propensity, and are able to service a wide range of process temperatures
A standard molded high purity tank

Standard High-Purity Tanks

For your convenience, we offer a standard molded tank line for high-purity/semiconductor applications. Tanks are available in 0.188” wall thickness but can be customized per end-user requirements. Such customization includes adjusting the wall thickness, adding lids, fittings, or other attachments to the tanks.

We perform mechanical, thermal, chemical, and rheological testing as needed to ensure products meet dimensional and performance specifications. Typical packaging is per ISTA 3A; certification is available for an additional charge.

Reduce your lead times and non-reoccurring engineering costs.

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What makes our High-Purity/Semiconductor process different?

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