October 2018


Recently, one of our representatives at Premier Corrosion Solutions contacted our sales team about an expedited project for a large chemical processor in Louisiana.

While employees at the company were using high temperature steam to clean an operational T-2265 Halogen Purge Destruct Tower, the internal ETFE liner suddenly popped up, compromising the integrity of the liner in four sections of the tower. The steam was a higher temperature than the ETFE liner was rated to withstand. This liner, installed for corrosion protection against chlorine service in the chemical processor’s MDI synthesis unit, was originally manufactured by RMB Products and was in operation for 17 continuous years.

Prior to Re-Work


The failed liner was removed on-site at the chemical processor, and the four sections were then sent to RMB. Once the pieces arrived, our production team rotationally lined them with new ETFE, applied paint on the external surfaces, and shipped them back within a four-day turnaround time.

Meeting this quick deadline gave the chemical processor’s employees the opportunity to re-install the equipment without having any production downtime. This new liner is expected to exceed 17 years of operation.

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