Current Projects

Complex Geometry Capabilities

The part was sent to us with an existing PEEK coating in it.

We removed the PEEK coating and installed a Tefzel ETFE liner into it at a thickness of 0.188”. As shown, the liner provides a monolithic liner.

The plastic is seamless from the inside of the vessel into each of the nozzles and onto the flange face.

Corrosion Resistant Liner

vessel lining and fabricaiton
turnkey solutions

Turnkey Solution

RMB Product’s provides our customers the option of a full turnkey solution. After fabrication and lining, this vessel has now been painted to the customer’s paint specification. After drying, the paint will be inspected and the vessel will be assembled.

carbon steel vessel hydrotest


The above photo is a 54" diameter carbon steel vessel being made ready for hydrotest. This vessel was fabricated in house to ASME Section VIII Div 1. After hydrotest it will be lined with Tefzel ETFE.

Carbon steel vessel molded with Tefzel ETFE

Lining the Vessel

It's now lined with Tefzel ETFE. The photos show off the fully bonded seamless corrosion resistant liner. This liner will protect this vessel from H2S in both gas and liquid phases.

Carbon steel vessel molded with Tefzel ETFE

The Vessel

This customer currently has a vessel that's been operating in this same service for ten years with great success using the same ETFE liner.