Rotational Molding Process

Rotational molding applies a thin layer of thermoplastic material onto the interior surface of a mold.

Step 1

A mold is mounted to a multi-axis rotational molding machine. Thermoplastic resin is placed inside the mold, and in some circumstances, components such as mounting nuts or brackets are inserted at this time as well.

Step 2

The mold is rotated inside of an oven. As the mold rotates, the polymer becomes molten and forms an even layer across all internal surfaces.

Step 3

The mold goes through a cooling process to set the newly molded plastic part in place.

Step 4

The mold is removed from the machine and the plastic part is carefully taken out of the mold. The resulting seamless thermoplastic piece can be machined to tight tolerances, painted, or otherwise finished and assembled with other parts.

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