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Aerospace White Paper

The aerospace industry’s pursuit of enhanced performance and efficiency is enabled by advanced, nimble manufacturing techniques. However, part weight and complexity can challenge this pursuit. The weight of each part affects the fuel efficiency of the aircraft. Rotational molding and additive manufacturing utilize thermoplastic resins to facilitate safe, effective component design and fabrication. Explore the strengths and potential applications of each process.

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Biofouling Prevention White Paper

With biofouling and corrosion being such expensive and time-consuming issues for so many industries, engineers have sought methods to provide long-term protection against aqueous corrosion. The experts at RMB Products investigated methods to improve polymer coatings, which localized microbiological attacks can degrade. Learn how RMB BIO-ARMOR™, a proprietary blend of HDPE resin and antimicrobial powder, protects against 99% of the microbes that induce MIC and biofouling.

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Semiconductor White Paper

The semiconductor industry’s growth and production levels are critically reliant on reducing contamination during manufacturing processes. Which processing method supplies the most reliable, efficient, and economical tanks for fluid handling? Discover the critical factors that make rotationally molded vessels a superior choice for semiconductor fabrication.

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BIO-ARMOR™ White Paper

Microbiologically influenced corrosion and biofouling are significant causes of corrosion-induced failures, yet very few coating systems on the market provide protection from this type of corrosive attack. To protect your equipment, we offer RMB BIO-ARMORTM — a proprietary blend of HDPE and antimicrobial resin that is applied to the pipe and vessel by a rotational lining process. Learn how your company can benefit operationally and financially by adding BIO-ARMOR.

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Corrosion Protection Sourcebook

In this sourcebook, discover more about thermoplastic liners, the advantages of rotational lining for corrosion protection, examples of applications, and much more. Check it out!

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Turnkey Solutions White Paper

Chemical applications are hard on process equipment. Vessels and piping are constantly battling corrosion, abrasion, and different forms of operational wear — all of which can lead to damage and premature structural failure. Learn everything you need to know to cut down on errors, costs, and excessive downtime.

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Tips & Tricks White Paper

Every process engineer faced with choosing the best corrosion protection approach for their fluid handling systems must answer the classic engineering question: How do I balance cost with performance? In this tips and tricks white paper, you’ll learn what you need to know to make the best decisions.

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Fusion Bonded Epoxy White Paper

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings have been a widely used method of corrosion prevention for pipeline fittings in oil and gas, chemical processing, and other harsh environment industries since the 1960s. Although a popular choice, FBE has limitations. Discover more in our white paper!

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