Rotational Molding Technology

Cost-Effective, Seamless Manufacturing for Complex Parts

RMB Products has been rotationally molding complex, technically demanding parts for more than 40 years. We have refined our rotational molding technology processes to manufacture to your exact specifications, focused on tight dimensional tolerances and technical repeatability.

Rotational Molding Process

Rotational molding applies a thin layer of thermoplastic material onto the interior surface of a mold. This process creates hollow, one-piece, free-standing thermoplastic products and is ideal for manufacturing seamless components with complex geometries. Rotational Molding Dimensions In the rotational molding process, rotational-grade polymer in granular form is placed inside the metal mold and heated while being rotated simultaneously about two perpendicular axes. During the heating cycle, the polymer particles melt and adhere to the metal mold, forming a thin, uniform layer of thermoplastic.

After a predetermined time at a specific temperature, all plastic is distributed over the interior surface of the part; the mold is then cooled by a combination of forced air and water mist. Finally, the part is removed from the machine. The resulting seamless, freestanding thermoplastic piece can be machined to tight tolerances, painted or otherwise finished and assembled with other molded products to create a finished part.

If you require components such as mounting nuts or brackets, RMB Products determines whether to mold them in or assemble them after molding.

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Advantages of Rotational Molding

  • Extremely high quality and consistent products resulting from RMB Products’ extensive expertise in rotational molding products
  • Tools that are significantly lower in cost than blow- and injection-molded tools—making short and medium product runs affordable
  • Ability to create complex geometries in a single seamless part
  • Short lead times from product conception through manufacture.

    Get the information you need! Talk to one of our rotational molding experts today.